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We love sharing our passion for beautiful homes with our clients and the community whether it’s reupholstering one chair or renovating an entire home! Our interior design consultants know how to help you navigate through the entire design process. We are looking to create a custom interior design just for you. In addition to our larger interior design services, we offer services for those with smaller needs such as fabrics, furnishings, draperies, moldings, built-ins, furniture, and tiles. Our studio is also open to the public by appointment for private visits to browse our fabric library, one of the most comprehensive in the area.


We do recognize that you are the other member of the design team and we strive to provide the guidance and the resources to incorporate your individual taste, needs and lifestyle to the end result, a finished project.

Carefully we take you through every facet of the interior design decorating process a step at a time. During the initial phase we gather information about the look and feel you are hoping to create. Are you looking for a transitional, contemporary, coastal or even a traditional design look? Do you want us to come in and renovate the entire house or focus in on the kitchen and bathroom design or perhaps the living room design? Are you looking to freshen up a space with new draperies and accessories? We take on jobs ranging from small custom drapery projects to complete home building and design.

We are here to help you achieve your goals. We will ask you questions about how you envision using the space, what if any, existing furniture needs to be integrated into the new scheme and what design challenges exist. We would also consider your budget & completion dates during this time. This will provide a direction for the new, beautiful interior design. Exchanging ideas and communicating openly is critical to achieving the environment that you envision.

Secondly the designers evaluate the information received, the space in question and then begin to prepare a concept that meets your functional and aesthetic needs. We create a preliminary design pulling together combination of; materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting ideas and space planning. A basic layout of the contributed ideas are reviewed, advice pertaining to the traffic flow and circulation is addressed in relation to the needs and goals discussed. Original ideas and concerns are revisited to ensure that every element is included.

Once you feel confident that the interior design concepts relate to your unique preferences, the process moves to a next phase. Bacarella Interiors utilizes our specialized knowledge and experience attained throughout the years to refine the assorted ideas and to find a balance that incorporates all of the important elements for your new environment. A combination of interior design sketches, decorating plans, materials & pricing are presented for your final approval.

Finally we coordinate all the design decisions into action. Through collaboration with professionals in the electrical, mechanical and engineering areas we will convene to discuss details and schedules. To proceed, documents, such as contracts and purchase authorizations are drawn up. Bacarella’s interior design consultants are also extremely efficient project managers that have the experience to monitor the contractors’ involved, set expectations and foresee problems that invariably lay ahead. Following up on furniture orders and making site visits keep the projects progressing smoothly. We will keep you informed during the entire interior design process and are always accessible. A running list is made and we mark off each item as it is completed to your satisfaction. The custom interior design vision you had now takes shape as the furniture and accessories are delivered.

Working with one of our professional interior designers will be an enjoyable experience that will bring your dreams to life. We will help you establish a budget; translate your ideas into a beautiful interior design that combines a balance of form, scale and proportion. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and items of poor quality. Bacarella Interiors looks forward to helping you capture your style.

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